Apophis won’t have any Impact on Earth for the next 100 Years: NASA

Scientists had estimated that Apophis asteroid would pass by close to earth in 2029 and in 2036. They thought the asteroid, named Apophis after an Egyptian god of chaos, would impact on earth in 2068. But fortunately, scientists have reached to the conclusion that the asteroid won’t make any hazardous impact on earth soon. They say it will not affect the earth at least for the next one hundred years.

The American Space Agency(NASA) had, on Friday, published the good news. The asteroid was identified in 2004.

Reports about Apophis Asteroid

Reports say the Apophis asteroid had made a flyby on 5 March this year from the distance of about 10 million miles from the earth. An Asteroid Watch Center situated in California, United States, had then attempted to calculate the more accurate revolving distance of the object from the sun; and they did so as the accuracy was in hundreds of kilometers before while they minimized it just into several kilometers only.

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Hence, for some time in the future, the risk of the impact of the Apophis asteroid on the earth seems to be averted. But it will certainly visit us in 2029 from the distance of just 20 thousands miles. Scientists say we can see it through our naked eye from the places in the eastern hemisphere of the earth.

How Dangerous are these Objects?

Asteroid Apophis hitting earth

Such celestial objects like Apophis asteroid and meteorites frequently flyby near earth. And, some of them even enter into the earth’s atmosphere as well. As most of them are remarkably small, they explode and destroy with the atmospheric friction. Few of them which are considerably large can hit the earth: this might be hazardous. An average-sized asteroid had hit the earth tens of millions of years ago resulting to the end of the dinosaurian age.

Now scientists are aware about such objects; asteroids like Apophis meteorites. So, they have been studying about the ways of preventing our home planet from those little monsters.

  • March 28, 2021
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