Did Life Exist on Mars In The Past?

People have made different speculations till the date regarding the existence of life on other planets. William Herschel, who discovered Uranus, was one of the astronomers of 18th to 19th century who believed that the whole solar system consisted of living beings. Though, later on, scientists officially confirmed that there was no existence of any sort of life on Mars or on any other planets in the solar system.

Despite the fact that the possibility of life on any other planet of the solar system has been officially ruled out, a possibility always remains that life once existed on some of those planets. When it comes to the planet Mars, we have found many evidences. Those evidences  point towards the possibility that life did exist there, millions of years ago. Mars has several things common with the earth. That makes it the most likely planet to have life existed in the past. Rovers have already sent a ton of clear pictures of the Martian land. In the pictures, it looks as if there were rivers flowing at the past. If liquid water flowed on the mars, it seems to be likely that life did exist on the planet.

Again, what seems to be possible is that mars was just like the earth millions of years ago. The planet must have been home for living creatures. But probably, something unnatural happened which wiped off the existence of life on mars. And, that ‘unnatural phenomenon’ caused not only the extinction of life, but also ‘all-but- destroyed’ the Martian Atmosphere. Rivers and oceans became barren and dry land, turning Mars into a dead planet.

In addition, Mars’s atmosphere currently consists of 95 percent carbon, 2.6 percent molecular Nitrogen, and a negligible amount of oxygen. Due to that reason, it’s not possible to breathe on Mars . Moreover, the thin Martian atmosphere might be avoiding the existence of liquid water at the present. But, several researchers claim that the Martian Atmosphere was much thicker in the past. The atmosphere escape for a course of millions of years slowly turned a beautiful living planet into a completely dead land, with no existence of life, and no existence of water.

Therefore, it’s worth being noted that we can not precisely claim what happened with mars billions of years ago. Everything stated above is just pure assumption. It’s also possible that our speculations are wrong and mars might never have any survival of life. Though, when it comes to the speculation about the existence of water on Mars, well, it seems highly likely that water did exist in Mars. Also, we have not explored every corner of Mars, have we? It’s not ‘impossible’ that water still exists on Mars. Hence, we still have very little knowledge about the red planet. As the research further progresses, we might be able to get closer to find out what the truth is.

Thus, if Mars once had life in it and has turned into a dead planet due to some reason, one of the possibilities is that that environmental degradation caused the atmosphere escape and caused this fate of Mars. We must become aware that the history might repeat with the earth.

  • April 14, 2021
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