Evolution of Our Cosmic Observation

Although there has taken place a remarkable evolution of cosmic observation, we have learnt too little about the universe till the date.

Scientists have been able to make such cosmic observation through the telescope to the remote distance in the sky. We can view almost forty six billion light years from the earth to all directions.

However, it is just a tiny patch of the whole universe we can imagine. Man-made telescopes have taken so many spell-bounding images of objects like supernova, pulsar stars and clouds of gases.

Limitation of Cosmic Observation

Cosmic observation

But unfortunately, the achievements we have gained till now are nothing more than a trillionth of the whole universal knowledge.

Or possibly, even less than that. However, there is no doubt that it is the strongest foundation for building the structure of a higher civilization.

Nothing, and by no means,  we had ever entertained such a tremendous beauty of the cosmological view before. The observation that the man-made technologies have made possible are tremendously fruitful for humans to go deeper into the cosmic mysteries.

In the past, there was limitation even to imagine of ‘this all’ at that time. There was not a single clue to assume about the space and objects beyond the boundary of the naked-eye view.

Since the time immemorial, human intelligence made cosmic observation with naked-eyes and appreciated the beauty of the local system mistakenly.

They did it by keeping in mind the earth as the center of the whole universe. They enjoyed absolutely false belief. However, they always kept on trying to search for a new and  mysterious thing.

And after all, that attempt succeeded to lead them to the result. They became able to carry out more realistic cosmic observation and pierce behind the curtain and feel unprecedentedly proud and wondered.

Enormous Achievement

Telescope observation

The recent knowledge of the universe gained through latest cosmic observation aided by the latest technology has removed our existing misconception about the size of the universe.

Moreover, it points out towards the rich treasure of knowledge. Hence it will help the man-kind to escape from the terrible ocean of uncertainty regarding creation and cosmic order.

And at the same time, it enables the human being to step forward. It also strengthens them for being ready to face further challenges. Maybe, the confrontation and interaction with other far more intelligent and advanced beings in the days to come are not unpredictable.

From the perspective of the potential to the cosmic observation, those who are living today are really lucky. They are lucky not to enjoy the latest modern comfortable life, but to get to enter into the colorful cosmic garden full of mind-blowing beautiful mysteries.

Thanks for the sincere and continuous efforts of the scientists and philosophers of all over the world for enabling the human creature to get entertained with the beauty of knowledge to the most extent. Thanks to the inventors and developers of the telescope, which dragged us towards infinity in terms of cosmic observation. And, let’s hope to go still ahead.

  • January 25, 2021
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