Aliens: Reality Of Their Existence

As far as we have acknowledged till now, the Universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago. Billions of stars and planets must have existed way before the creation of the earth. Our earth was formed just 4.5 billion years ago. So, some of the Planets which have existed since long ago must have had far better civilization of aliens than on the earth, which had no existence at all 4.6 +billion years ago.

Why not yet detected the presence of aliens then?

Of course, planets did exist long before the earth. But, why have we not found any evidence of aliens’ existence yet? Isn’t this quite strange? Why have aliens not arrived on the earth yet? Or at least, why have any alien lives not yet been able to communicate with us till now? The aliens belonging to older alien civilization must surely have become far more intelligent than the human beings till now, right ? But, why have they not been able to even communicate with us till now? This points towards two possibilities:

Possibility 1: Life does exist on other planets. But, the living beings on all other planets are no more intelligent than the animals on the earth. We have to remember that human beings have evolved from monkeys(animals) (As theorised by Charles Darwin). So, possibly, human beings gaining this level of intelligence is completely random and no aliens were ever meant to become as intelligent as we are, even on the other planets.

Some extraterrestrial beings may be better than us.

Possibility 2: Extraterrestrial lives do not exist at all and so does the ‘so-called universe’, which consists of billions of stars, planets, and galaxies.

  • Bonus point: When it comes to the beginning of something, we often have two questions in our mind. ‘When?’ and ‘How?’. There is one more question, which we never think about, and that is, ‘Did?’. As far as we can imagine, everything has a beginning and end of its own. But, it’s not really necessary that we can imagine everything, is it? So, what if the universe has never begun at all. We can not imagine that the universe has never begun, but remember: We can neither imagine that state of non-existence of space and time, before the creation of the universe.

Human beings randomly evolved to become intelligent and civilized at this level. We were never really meant to gain this level of intelligence. The same applies to aliens if they do exist. That’s the most probable reason, why we have not got any signs of those beings possibly dwelling in some other worlds yet.

  • May 21, 2021
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