How to Stay in Air?

We all live on the earth. Whenever we think about staying in the air, hot air balloons and airplanes are the first things to consider. But, actually, there are other ways to stay in air. Yes, we mean staying still.

If you hold your breath and jump into water, you won’t exactly sink. You will float on water because of the natural buoyancy. Why am I giving this example. Well, I mean, there are other ways to stay in air even though we may or may not use them practically.

Possibilities of how we can live in air

1) Suspending in the air without moving yourself forward

Well, this can be done by a few techniques. I would like to mention them.

The first and the most common technique is to hold your breath and jump in air. From this you could stay in air without moving yourself forward. It’s the easiest technique to stay in air without moving forward but it’s not the most practical technique because it’s quite difficult to do it with suit or armor on (especially there is no ninja training for that) .

2) Keeping yourself in the air by using some object
Staying in air

Using an object hot air balloon, airplane or other flying vehicle you can stay in air. But what about the same without moving yourself forward?(For months, or years?) In this way you could also change your direction by move the “flying vehicle”. Is this too futuristic? Well, maybe.

3) Keeping yourself on the air using some natural (or man made) energy source

This is my favorite way to fly because I could enjoy it not only as an art but also as a science.

Well, theoretically there are three ways for this.

The first one is to use a machine to generate forms of energy that could lift us up and keep us in air. Well, I know you may think that it’s impossible but it’s not so hard. By using some kind of magnet or nuclear generator, you can generate magnetic force that could lift up a piece of steel or other material on the ground and make it into the form of a hot air balloon or airplane.

You may think that it’s impossible to pull the air ourselves. Well, I guess it’s not impossible as long as you have proper knowledge about the force of gravity and how to use this force. By using some kind of electrical generator or other energy source you can create enough energy that could be used to lift up a piece of metal from the ground into the form of hot air balloon and keep yourself in the air.

Unfortunately, people don’t think this way and they aren’t able to use this way. As I know, some kind of magnets or electrical generators are used to create temporary magnetic fields that could be used for industrial purposes but practically no one uses them for transportation purposes.

Also nuclear energy can be used for transportation purposes if we build the proper device which could handle huge amount of energy produced by a nuclear reactor. This is a very tricky thing and I may not write about this here.

Nuclear energy

There is another way to keep yourself in air using some kind of living or mechanical energy source that could constantly produce the form of “living thing” which can move itself forward and stay in air..

Well, there are other examples of living things that could move themselves in the form of a “living thing”. You may think that it’s impossible because they are not intelligent but they could do it anyway. But, firstly, you need to understand what the word “intelligence” means and secondly, yet may think because they can’t talk or read a book, but they can still move themselves. So we may believe whatever we want about them.

Using a combination of those three ways we could keep ourselves in air and there are a lot of possibilities in the air. (Theory and reality may be different.)

Now, what I want to say is to use these ideas practically.

The main point: Using a combination of these ways to stay in air practically

Ok, what did we discuss before?

1st method: Using some object that could keep you in air practically.

2nd method: Using some kind of energy source that could keep you in air practically. People are doing/planning to do, this experiments using lots of kinds of magnetic field generators.

3rd method: Using living things that can stay in air.

Combining these Three Methods to Stay still in Air

Flying Robert Downey Jr Sticker by Marvel Studios for iOS & Android | GIPHY

Ok, I will just mention this.

We could find a way to stay in air without moving ourselves forward. We can do this by using a kind of vehicle that could lift us up, keep us in air and move forward. It’s not the best way but I’ll tell about it anyway and maybe I’ll write about it in my next article.

Now, we could go back to the futuristic idea that I have mentioned above i.e., #3) Using some kind of living energy source to keep yourself in air. The theory is quite clear and it’s not a huge thing for us to understand that how can we do this practically.


It’s really a futuristic idea but it’s not impossible. There are so many people who are thinking that what I have said here is real and true. They think that it will come easily at some point in the future. This is a dream world for them and they don’t realize the pain of living in current world. Once you are able to fly, you can do anything at all.

  • January 10, 2022
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