Humans were to see aliens or aliens see us: What course of action would be taken by both sides?

The course of action taken on aliens by Earth’s governments would depend entirely on what the extraterrestrials’ intentions are.

If we see them as a threat, we will most likely attack. If they plan to conquer humanity for their own needs or benefits, we would most likely band together and try to fight.

However, if they were harmless creatures with only good intentions, we might try and make contact with them first and trade resources or knowledge.

Everything is possible when we take on the idea that aliens exist and that they might one day get in contact with us.

The same course of action would be taken by the aliens. If they saw us as a threat, they would take some appropriate action.

They might also try and negotiate with us and go about talking peacefully if they were harmless.

In order for both sides to make contact, each party must know of each other’s existence – meaning an interstellar message must be sent first.

It would not make sense to send one without the other knowing beforehand because it could be assumed that the message received was an invasion or some other attack on them.

The message will have to contain important information, including who sent it and why they are sending it in the first place.

We must ensure that we present ourselves as a peaceful and intelligent species.
Aliens humans see each other

The most logical, safest, and common course of action would be to shoot a probe through space holding an interstellar message.

This way the message could be sent out into the universe and we would not have to a deal with traveling thousands of miles over water or air.

And, if this were done, I believe that it would be possible for both sides to come together peacefully and make contact.

One complexity with this theory is that without any reliable way of knowing what else is in the universe (interstellar travel), the Earthly beings, might think they are the only intelligent life there is.

This wouldn’t be a likely situation, but it’s possible. Another problem with this theory is that there are only a few facts we know about our extraterrestrial life forms.

We know they must have similar DNA structure, the same basic makeup of proteins, and have similar cognitive abilities.

So far we have only found one of these life forms on the planet.

If we didn’t end up meeting any others, communication would be difficult from here out because many of our aliens would never believe that we are “rational” and not out to conquer them.

We could also look for other life forms in space if there was an opportunity for this to happen. Searching the universe could be a way to find other intelligent life.

However, this is much more of a long shot.

Having spoken with other people about this theory, I’ve realized there are many different ways of looking at the same situation.

I encourage everyone to come up with their own idea of what will happen if these two groups meet and communicate.

Everything is possible when we take on the idea that aliens exist and that they might one day get in contact with us. The possibility of this happening is very real and getting closer each day: thanks to our space programs growing and becoming more advanced.

  • April 1, 2022
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