Parallel universes do not exist: This is why

The concept whether parallel universes exist is one of those intriguing and imaginary ideas, which are too difficult for us to accept. The ideas have first arisen in the context of quantum physics. It insists that things at a subatomic particle level have unpredictable outcomes even if you know everything possible about how you set up your system. Theorists of quantum physics say if you take a single electron and shoot it through a double slit, you can only know the probabilities of where it will land, but you cannot predict exactly where it will show up.

Quantum theory has ignited the idea of parallel universes.

Similarly, the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics postulates that all the outcomes that can possibly occur actually do happen, but only one outcome can happen in each Universe. It takes to exist an infinite number of parallel Universes to account for all the possibilities. However, this interpretation is also not valid as it cannot be tested with experiments or observations that can rule it out.

Several Claims about Parallel Universe

According to recent reports, some physicists in Antarctica have made claims that they have found shreds of evidence for a parallel universe to exist. It would revolutionarily be good for the whole mankind if they did so.

In the context, it is said that the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) experiment detected radio waves of a particular set of energies and directions coming from beneath the Antarctic ice.

Scientists say there are all sorts of cosmic particles traveling through space, including neutrino. While many of the neutrinos that pass through us come from different sources like the sun, and some of them come from colossally energetic astrophysical sources like pulsars, black holes, or even mysterious, unidentified objects.

Although the researchers’ attempt is really appreciable, it is not less likely that their experiment is flawless. Some critics say their claims are just a rumour and nothing more because the nature has not provided humans with that much capability to trace phenomena beyond their ‘senses’.

Law of Nature and Human Attempts to Look for Parallel Universes?

The ground fact of physics is that not only humans but all the matters which exist in the three-dimensional world are guided by the same common principle and they all are never likely to learn or experience any other phenomenon than those provided by the law of nature. All over the physical world, particles interact with other quanta of matter and energy, and the outcomes of those interactions are similarly governed by the laws of physics. Even the monstrous stars and pulsars are governed by the same physical as well as three-dimensional nature’s law. Then, a human with limited physical and mental potentiality can not be expected to cross the boarder-lines of the existing physical reality and the boundaries of those dimensions so easily.

At first, let’s talk about the universe. The word ‘Universe’ means each and everything including the time and the space to infinity. The universe is not any single object which can be measured or be specifically sketched as it is. The concept of the universe represents the totality of existence. When this concept has included all in it, then the concept that any other parallel universes than this one exist is meaningless. However, it is necessary to take notice of the ideas of some theorists who say there exist many other parallel universes far and wide.

Is human brain capable of analysing other universes?

What does the Universe Contain?

The universe contains everything from the smallest particle to galaxy superclusters, including time and space. Similarly, whatever happens, or happened, or is to happen is also part of this universe. When everything that exists is enveloped within the frame of the universe, how can we imagine being any other parallel existence? How can we develop ideas logically when we are unable even to learn the smallest truth roaming around us since time immemorial. So, there is no doubt that such theories such as the theories of existing parallel universes or multiverse seem to become nothing more than a clean imagination, or to the most extent, some spices for fiction and movies. Such baseless imaginations can engage lots of minds a lot, never reaching any conclusion since to seek parallel universes is like seeking life to exist after death. It means it is absolutely an illusion.

Universe and Parallel Universe

Firstly, let’s talk about the known universe. As scientists have measured with the help of the latest instruments, its size is approximately 92 billion light-years in diameter. We may go further along with our technological advancements in the future. Maybe we may view hundreds of billions of light-years further than this in several hundred or thousand years to come. But whatever the distance we measure, it will be the distance inside this universe. Or, we reach farther ahead, but not in any other parallel universes, instead in our own universe where we exist. We will be at some another corner of this same universe because it is ‘uni’ or all contained in one.

The universe expands as much as our viewing capacity expands because it is infinite. Therefore, it is worthless for us to imagine its parallel forms. For us to taste, there are billions of trillions of other facts here in and around us unknown or unidentified to us yet. We could spend our time searching to find more about them instead.

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Secondly, human being naturally generalizes and ignores things which are once familiar to them. They look for something new to view or taste. Because of such human nature, some people have generalized if there is one, there must certainly be the next. Like, there is a planet, and there are many other planets similar to that. There is a sun; similarly, there are many other suns. In the same way, there is a universe; therefore there must be many other universes.

On the procedure of generalization of other existing phenomena, the concept of parallel universes has been developed. But, they do not realize that the concept of other existences inside the universe and the concept of the whole infinite universe are different. All the other phenomena are bound to the law of nature, whereas, the universe is boundless, guided by no time, no space, and no law of general existence. From the smallest particle to billions, or still trillions of galaxies have been actively participating in the course of universal journey remaining under the same universal rules and regulations. So, the universe is not something that has any other prototype; it is the whole or in a single infinite form that leaves nothing without including it into itself.

Do parallel universes really exist?

Search for More Knowledge

Thirdly, we humans have always passion for more knowledge. We tend to gain and store as much knowledge as possible. The reason, in fact, after having such passion is because knowledge helps us untie knots of our problems. However, searching for knowledge about something impossible may lead us to our absolute destruction. If we try going beyond the capability provided by nature to us, nothing more than failure will drop in our hands. Humans are ornamented with 5 sense organs for receiving knowledge and a mind for processing that all. That which is not receivable through these senses can never be achievable for us. We can develop or innovate new technologies and instruments, but we will never be able to add or remove any sense organ/s in a human body.

That’s why, human knowledge is not unlimited, but it is purely dependable just on the sense organs. And going beyond the limit of sense organs or trying to find something out of the capability of the senses is like digging in the air to plant crops. This is the reason that the concept that parallel universes exist is just a product of the dreamlike mental activities of humans.

Fourthly, some theorists also claim several other dimensions except the existing four including time. Perhaps, it is true. But it is almost sure that the human biological structure is not favorable for receiving any data other than those provided by the senses. In other words, human capability ends with the best action in the three-dimensional world. And, that which humans have perceived to date are also all three dimensional. For instance, stars, galaxies, and even superclusters also lie in three dimensions. Or, it can be said that whatever humans can perceive are also in a similar dimension to them.


Therefore, parallel universes, which even if exist in some other dimension, they are never perceivable for humans. It is the reason no parallel universes exist for us as we will never be able to realize it as a human being. It is like the concept of ‘nothingness’ and any struggle to achieve nothing is futile–just a waste of time.

Despite limitations in human ability, it is important to get to know that universe has diversity. Universe has matter, space, time, and, most important, it has life in it. Trying to learn more and more only about our earth is a heroic task. Again, going beyond the boundary is an enormous achievement for humankind. And, at this moment, our Voyagers have reached far beyond the solar boundary. Other spacecraft in the future may visit the nearest solar systems or go even further. Although humans or man-made objects may travel far and wide, they will travel in the existing four dimensions, as humans and any objects do not have the ability to enter into any other imaginary dimensions or parallel universes. The point is that it is worthless to attempt to imagine existing any other parallel universes.

Finally, even if there are parallel universes, we have nothing to do with them. Until our identity remains as a mortal, or transitory being–it means until we remain under the rule of nature–our connection to any so-called parallel universes or something like that seems impossible. Therefore, it is good to curiously imagine, but let’s hope the curiosity will not lead us to insanity.

  • May 23, 2021
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