Secrets about time travel nobody is going to tell you

Today we’re going to talk about it. We’re going to talk about the profound questions, the alarming answers, and even things that might take your mind in directions you never expected. It’s a little like opening Pandora’s Box, so strap yourself in and read on.

In the real world, time is a concept that has to be reckoned with by almost every living creature. Every day we’re faced with decisions about what day it is, how long our commute is, whether we’ve got time to take in a particular cultural event or not, and most of all, when exactly am I going to die?

Despite all of this tangible evidence of time’s persistent presence in our lives, there are some things that people do not believe can ever happen. Doctors often use the term “time paradox”, which refers to the effect that events in one timeline can have on those in another.

Firstly, let’s discuss some basic “Time Travel” Questions

-Is time travel technically, practically, and theoretically possible?

Well, according to Einstein, who predicted the light speed limit of the universe, it is not possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Physicists think that this is because any attempt to overtake the speed of light results in an infinite amount of energy being used, which would then disrupt all quantum systems.

-So what about “wormholes” and gravity-defying propulsion devices?

While it’s true that they are theoretically possible and a great deal has been written on them (including my personal favourite: The Stargate), there isn’t enough evidence at present to prove they are genuine. Many scientists claiming otherwise are in fact just looking for a way to confirm their own theories.

-Is time travel just like watching a movie?

Imagine a film of events occurring in your life. The music, the effects, the shots, everything that occurs in the film is already happening in real-time in front of you. This means that any decision you make at any point has an impact on events that occur later down the line. If you press “play” now and step through to when it was your 22nd birthday you will actually witness your twenty-second birthday and be able to comment on what happened.

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So if time travel is possible then why don’t we have a clue about it?

time travel vacation

Well, it all comes down to probability. Our society has grown up with the single timeline idea of life, where in the past our parents met, had children and fell in love, and in the future, our children will fall in love and have children. We are used to this concept of “The Present”, which is dependent on real-life events that happened back when our parents were young. When we travel through time we run into a problem – how do you explain events that haven’t yet happened? If you lived before me now would you still be here?!

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this conundrum. Many scientists claim that the “Prime Mover of the Universe” is actually a singularity. This singularity, according to my favourite physicist David Deutsch, is at the beginning of time and is responsible for all-time interactions. This means that time travel will never be possible, simply because we have no way to travel backwards through time without destroying our own existence.

What are some theories on why time travel would be impossible?

Some physicists claim that it’s just too dangerous because you could end up creating a new universe or even changing the origin of the universe itself! Others say that if you travel back in time you could alter the very nature of “reality”. This is something that Stephen Hawking detailed.

“If you travelled back in time and prevented your own birth, then you would have to give up the time travel because you wouldn’t exist any more. Therefore, travelling back in time and preventing your own birth is a form of suicide.” – Stephen Hawking

In fact, this is something that could drive a traveller insane! If I travelled back in time to kill myself there would be no reason for me to keep travelling onwards from my present because I would have never existed. If I somehow managed to make my way into the future then I would be a completely new person, which means that I would never have experienced anything from my past. This would make me feel like time had actually stood still.

What is the point of all of this?

Well, if time travel were possible we could solve some deep questions about the nature of our universe and everything in it! We could even suddenly find ourselves reassessing many long-held beliefs about ourselves and our place in the universe. In fact, if time travel were possible then we would have to. If a future version of you found himself in the same situation as you are now, and he could travel back in time to prevent his own birth… well, you get the point.

Now, let’s talk about the real “Time travel Secrets”

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1) A universe without time

Time travel is the only thing that prevents us from getting a completely “timeless” universe. The single timeline idea of life is based on the fact that everything that has ever happened, will happen and everything that will happen in the future, has already happened in order for you to be here now. Without time, there would be no evolution of life or history.

However, with time travel, we could all theoretically float around in a universe where nothing ever happened and no new things have ever occurred or been created by human beings. In fact, this very thing could be happening now! The bottom line is, if time travel is possible then we all have the ability to visit a past where no one has ever existed.

2) Time travel could destroy all life on Earth

There are many physicists who believe that time travel could be extremely dangerous. There are two ways that this could happen: a) you are destroyed by an anomaly or b) you create an artificial singularity through your actions! If a traveller were to suddenly appear in space, it is likely that he would just disappear. This is because a single timeline universe is not created by humans, but by the universe itself. Therefore, if a traveller were to suddenly appear in our universe we would have no idea how to interact with him. He could be a new type of creature that is completely different to the human race… or he could destroy us all.

3) If you travelled back in time, who would you be?!

There is nothing more fundamentally human than the concept of time. If we all could travel back in time and experience it again, nothing would change except the route we took. This means that you would still have the same memories, skills and personality and so that you would stay exactly like yourself instead of having to re-invent yourself on repeat. This differs from some philosophers, who believe that if time travel is possible then we could create an alternate version of ourselves. This means that you could actually become someone different when travelling through time.

4) Remembering the future could prevent the future from happening!

We have already established that travelling back in time will mean that you will experience everything again, except a new way round. Theoretically, this means that if you were to tell someone about your future and then prevent that event from happening, you could also stop it from ever happening in the first place! Stephen Hawking has confessed to being so concerned about this that he has insisted his children not be told when he dies so that they can remember him as long as possible without knowing how much time he has left.

5) If time travel is possible, there could be parallel universes!

If you were to be transported into an alternate universe and then return to your own again, you would technically have been exposed to two timelines and therefore have a higher chance of experiencing time travel a second time! This suggests that there are either countless parallel universes or just one, but with a chaotic version of itself!

6) We’re all immortal… no matter where we go in the universe!

If we could travel through space and actually visit distant galaxies is it possible that we could live forever? Some scientists believe that atoms are constantly being replaced in our bodies, which means that we are actually immortal. This is because atoms are constantly being recycled and then replaced by the body, so eventually, every atom in your body will have been replaced. Therefore, if you could move from place to place you would constantly be getting new atoms!

7) Time travel colliding with the past can cause new elements to existing!

Scientists are now thinking about how time travel could alter the future of our world. If a traveller were to visit the past and find an element that was previously unseen in our world, then it would suddenly be possible for him/her not to find it again. Therefore, if these elements were to be discovered in the future, then they would have been created by the traveller. This is because the traveller would have to interact with the element in a new way and therefore create it.

8) Time travel could actually make everything happen again!

Have you ever wondered why we remember so much of our past? It could be because time travel is possible and we are actually experiencing everything again! If you were to travel back in time and discover every event that you could possibly experience for the first time; this would allow you to create new memories, which change everything.

The astonishing theory of multiple timelines

When it comes to time travel, some scientists and researchers strongly believe in the theory of multiple universes. They believe that the universe could be existing in a state of mathematical chaos and not know what its true state is.

The theory of multiple universes has been around for years, but science has only recently taken an interest in it since the theory still has no evidence. The theory of multiple universes is all about the idea that there are infinite parallel universes existing in isolation.

This theory would be correct if it were possible for a person to leave their universe and enter another without physically crossing any space or time. This means that the universe with which these people interact is not their own, but a different universe.


It is true to say that the notion of time travel has fascinated people for generations and it is clear to see why this is the case. Travelling through time could give someone access to unlimited power, as well as free him from having to experience all of life again.

  • February 12, 2022
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