Strawberry full Moon witnessed

On Thursday, the Strawberry full Moon appeared as the last supermoon of the spring season. It was also the first Full Moon of the summer as the summer season began in the northern hemisphere on 21 June. The day also marked the longest day of the year.

One of the rare celestial events, the Moon appeared opposite the Sun and fully illuminated on the night.

According to Nasa, the celestial event is called ‘Strawberry Moon’ as it occurs at the time of collecting the harvest of strawberries and other fruits.

Although the Moon appears bigger than its normal size due to proximity to Earth in its orbit, this full moon is not taken as a supermoon like the one observed in May.

The Strawberry full Moon is known as the Rose Moon In Europe. It marks the harvesting of roses. Similarly, it is referred to as the Hot Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, as it coincides with the beginning of the summer season north of the equator. This Moon appears for more than a day in the night sky, unlike the normal moon when the full phase lasts for a day.

Astrologers say the next full Moon, known as Buck Moon, will be seen on 24 July. Then on 23 August, Sturgeon Moon will appear. Likewise, as the last full moon of the season, Harvest Moon, on 20 September will be witnessed.

  • June 25, 2021
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