Where Are All The Time Travellers and Extraterrestrials Stuck?

Till the date, time travel is nothing more than just a hypothetical concept. According to Albert Einstein, time may be the fourth dimension. However, the problem with it is that one can not go backward in time like in the other the remaining three dimensions. Although the logic behind the time-travel is being capable of handling the fourth dimension, the process or methods of doing so are still to be found. There have not been found any any evidence of time travellers or extraterrestrial beings anywhere in the earth.

The human hypothesis of time travel has in its core the extraordinary power of human imagination crafted while craving for knowledge. In the world, human beings are provided only with the senses essential for operating within the range of three dimensions. Neither physics nor the human intellect can cross the borders of the given dimensions. In this situation, the arguments put forward in favor of time-traveling possibilities can be considered as true as the existence of any divine power.

Yes, people say ‘impossible’ to things on the basis of a narrow judgment. Nobody might have imagined being talking face-to-face with their kinsman in New York sleeping in their bed in London in the earliest years of the last century. Science and technology have enabled people to fly a helicopter on Martian land. Who might have imagined it one and a half-century ago? Likewise, many other unexpected and incredible innovations will certainly take place, sooner or later, in the future. Human Intelligence could overpower the neighboring planets and satellites. But these achievements have nothing to do with the idea of time travel. It is because the concept falls in a different category than physics. The laws of physics fall sort of identifying any other dimension than the existing ones.

The latest overall developments have inspired them to imagine the existence of aliens somewhere in the universe. Scientists assume the age of the universe to have become three times more than the age of the solar system. Some people opine that there are many more other older planets in other older star systems than the earth. And, if the human civilization on the earth, not older than few thousand years, has reached so far ahead, the older planets could have far older and advanced civilization capable of taking over the fourth dimension as well, being able to travel between different points of time.

It seems to be an impressive idea. If it is possible to happen on the earth, why can not similar phenomena exist elsewhere? A much more advanced civilization may exist there. But the fact that they also can not reach us is because their laws of physics, like ours, can not access the time-dimension. Let’s assume that they have developed technology approaching the speed of light. (even though it is practically never possible as matter having ‘mass’ can not gain the velocity). If so, they could have been visiting us for hundreds of thousands of years without our awareness.

People of all over the world tell hypothetical stories about ‘aliens’ without clear shreds of evidence. Even if the stories are true and aliens frequently visit earth, they do so always going forward in a straight timeline. In the physical world, it seems to be impossible to achieve the strength of traveling between times at any cost. Therefore, no time-travelers have ever visited us yet.

  • January 20, 2022
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