Rare Wolf-Rayet Stars Explosion Traced by Indian Astronomers

Stars in the universe are of different luminosities and of various sizes. Our sun is a medium-sized young star with moderate luminosity. Although the sun is now calm and supporting the life on the earth maintaining the right amount of light and temperature needed to form and develop life, a feeling of terror meanwhile exists when we see the distant stars terribly exploding at the end of their lives. Such explosion (supernova) having too high  luminosities are called WR (Wolf-Rayet) stars. Such stars are more than a thousand times luminous than the Sun.

According to the Department of Science and Technology (DST)’s statement, a team of Indian astronomers of  the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital, along with other international collaborators, have tracked such rare and hottest WR stars. Moreover, Wolf-Rayet stars are too large stars which are stripped their outer part of the hydrogen envelope associated with the fusion of Helium and other elements in the massive core. Through their research, they had detected the supernova called SN 2015dj hosted in the galaxy NGC 737. Scientists had spotted the galaxy itself in 2015.  

Thus, scientists have estimated the life of the universe to have been 13.7 billion earth years. So, when compared to the span of  time, the Sun is still a little baby. Many other older stars may be in their death bed currently, and many might already have exploded. However, the Sun will also, with time, get older and older.   And, scientists speculate the sun and all the stars in the universe can’t avoid the fate of being destroyed one day. They guess it on the basis of evidences collected from cosmic studies and researches, Therefore, the findings of the Indian scientists about those WR stars aid the researchers to predict the fate of the Sun. It may also lead the human thought towards the outer part of the existing three dimensional prison of limitations.  

In accordance with the Einstein’s theory of relativity, everything in the universe is relative. Accordingly, every phenomenon has its beginning, and everything that has begun can not at any cost avoid its end. Besides that all, let’s hope that our Sun isn’t going to explode like the WRs! At least anytime soon.

  • April 7, 2021
Universe & Existence