Do Aliens Really Exist Somewhere?

There are two possibilities of aliens and their existence: Either aliens really exist or they don’t. And, both the possibilities are quite terrifying. Earth has all the necessary conditions for living beings to evolve and reside.

Out of billions of stars and planets in the universe, it would be quite simple and straightforward for us to believe that we are not alone. There are certainly other guys in other billions of planets out there, which have suitable environment for living beings to evolve.

That’s the reason why odds are in favor of the facts that extraterrestrial beings or aliens do really exist.

Cosmic Size Supports the Idea that Aliens’ Exist

Billions of Galaxies, stars and planets existed before the creation of the earth. If the planets which were formed way before the formation of the earth had suitable conditions for living beings or aliens to exist, their civilization is really quite old and it must be far better than the earth.

The billions of life-suitable planets formed billions of years before the earth must have a far better and advanced civilization than the earth. So, technically, they must have been able to come to the earth till now, no ?

But, we have not witnessed any proof of existence of the aliens yet. This point might pull out the odds in favor of non-existence of aliens.

So, if life or aliens do not exist in any other planets rather than the earth, there is something really really suspicious about the cosmos and, even it’s existence.

Who knows, if whatever we see or are told about the universe is true. What if the universe is not as huge as we think. Because, if the fact that aliens do not exist is really true, we might quite comfortably question the existence of the so called universe, which consists ‘billions‘ of stars, planets and galaxies.

  • January 8, 2021
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