Is Time Travel Ever to Become Possible?

Time travel is a broadly recognized hypothetical concept in philosophy and Science-Fiction. The concept of traveling in time is always debatable. No time travelers from the future have yet arrived to the present.

Some people conclude that this fact debunks the possibilities of time travel to the past. Time travel to the future is not less debatable. If the future is not pre-planned and is just a creation of the present with every small incident taking place, it sounds really impossible to travel to the future as well.

Concept of Time Travel and its Development

Before talking or thinking about time travel, we might want to think about the existence of time itself. What we call time might be nothing but a creation of human beings.

Many people still think that time is constant. Whereas, even Albert Einstein had argued that time was nothing but just an illusion. According to Einstein, time is relative and it can be different for different observers depending on your speed through the space.

For Einstein, the fourth dimension is time. Space is 3-dimensional and it provides the traveler with three coordinates: length, breadth and height. Time provides another coordinate which is direction.

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While talking about the issue of time travel, it is worthy to mention the idea Carlo Rovelli. According to the theoretical physicist, reality is nothing more than a complex network of affairs/events onto which we project the sequences of present, past and future.

Study of quantum universe also shows us that there is no existence of time. It shows us that what we call time is actually a function of relativity only and it exists relative to some arbitrary point of reference.

Time travel

So, the million dollar question: Why have time travelers not arrived here, by traveling through time, from the future yet? Well, there might be quite a few possibilities:

Number 1

Such a travel might become possible in the future, but it won’t work how we think. Time machine would have provided the people in the future with the ability to go through time, but they may never interact with us in any ways. They are unable to interact with the past and change anything. Therefore physical time travel might never become possible in the future.

Number 2

We have not seen the future yet. So maybe, there is just no future at all.

We are not sure if time exists. We are not sure how time actually works. If time travel would have been possible in the future, people from the future must surely have visited us till now.

So, it might be enough to conclude the fact that either there is just no future at all(Due to the extinction of mankind), or time travel(At least Physical Time Travel) is never going to become possible in the future.

  • January 22, 2021
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