Multiverse: The new age of fiction

After AI(Artificial Intelligence) going rogue, living inside a game, and traveling through time, fiction has now shifted to the “Multiverse”; traveling between dimensions.

Multiverse is the new form of fiction. The character goes through a portal and enters into a world or dimension that may or may not exist.

Because traditional rules of physical reality do not apply, there are no limits to what can happen to that “movie universe“. This new reality allows for anything that can be imagined and explored by using computers, science, and fiction.

As I often say, science fiction always has a missing piece of the puzzle. It’s like that equation starting with 1=2 and finally ending up with results such as 9=18 after a long mathematical run.

There are infinite possibilities: Who said infinite realities?!

universe inside a multiverse

It’s really disgusting that science fiction and conspiracy theories start with [possibility=reality]. The viewers just look at the end products and nothing more than that.

Infinite possibilities do not mean infinite realities by any means. It’s true that from each moment, there are infinite possibilities to choose from. It might also be true that each small decision affects everything at a quantum level, hence everything in the future. But reality just doesn’t split into two or more realities from each moment

This is where we go “overbought” with our thoughts. This is where we keep thinking of science fiction as the closest possible to real life. It’s our response to other science fiction movies that have already been made about AI, time travel, and more.

They failed because there was no reference point for the viewer to compare it with. This is where we are overthinking things and making our own reality.

People have started taking the concept as an indisputable reality.

Recent Marvel movies have created a big misunderstanding in people’s minds. They have started taking the concept of multiverses seriously and started believing that such things actually exist.

The number of theories and questions that have come up on the internet is an example of the viewers’ intelligence but overthinking.

The missing piece of the puzzle that we discussed above should be the focus of attention from the point you leave the cinema hall. Everything that happened in the movie should stay there.

The multiverse is pure fiction. Not only that there are no scientific facts that support it, it is also a concept that makes us feel like our existence has no purpose.

Reasons why Multiverses do not exist:

1) Fundamentalism of the theory

There is no scientific base that supports the theory. It is just a concept that has grown into a farce. To say something like “the universe split, but we are in the same universe” would make it appear to be a fact.

The theory is thrown around by science fiction fans as if they were facts rather than theories. There is no limit to their imagination and they keep playing with the concepts of Multiverses and multiverses inside multiverses without thinking about their immensity and absurdity.

2) Where are all the Universes hosted?

If the multiverse thing is real, all the universes must be hosted somewhere. But where? What dimension? What physical location?

If they exist, how do you prove them? If you can’t prove it, then how is it a fact? How did the multiverse suddenly appear and where did it come from?

Are all the multiverses hosted inside someone’s brain? Are there infinite universes hosted inside your brain? Or what exactly?

3) Universe may be infinitely huge, but its “Uni”

It may be infinitely huge, but it can not be just one of the universes in the multiverse. The Universe is one single reality that has a location.

In other words, you cannot split the universe, into two, or many.

If a multiverse exists, then where are all the other multiverses? Where is our universe in it? Is it in the same universe as all other universes? Or any other multiverse that wasn’t mentioned in the movie?

It’s just absurd to imagine something like any existence of multi or metaverses.

4) Multiverse theory is made to think that OUR EXISTENCE IS AN ILLUSION

Wow! ILLUSION! It’s clear that the multiverse theory has been created to create an illusion in our minds making us think that our existence is nothing but an illusion.

Everything you see, touch, and feel are real. Maybe there is something our five senses can not perceive. But it’s real. The world we live in is real. Our existence is real.

It’s real because we really exist – we are real. It’s only natural to think about this concept in an overanalyzing way. This is because at some point in time you might have seen or read something about multiverses before and this concept has been planted inside your head without you being aware of it.

5) Monotheisms could be related to multiverses

Even though there are no facts to support such theories, it’s still a common belief among conspiracy theorists and people who believe at the end of the world and that God would destroy the world.

If you believe in one God, they could be one of the many gods who created the multiverse but left us alone inside our own universe which just happened to repeat itself countless times.

Moreover, the concept of the multiverse is not only used by science fiction fans and conspiracy theorists, it has also been a good philosophical topic that can be found in books and university courses.

The main traits of the multiverse theory are:

It plays with the mind like a game. People who believe in multiverses tend to overthink what they see, look at the interpretation from an intelligent point of view, read into things that it doesn’t actually say, think about their own fantasies that never came true, and so on.

There is no actual evidence for the creation of multiple universes.

It leads to a sense of existentialism. As if there is no purpose to our existence, like we are nothing but an illusion and God/gods would destroy us all.

It makes you feel an inclination towards futility since it doesn’t explain everything and it makes you lose the meaning of life because it’s a big theory that is not well defined yet, even though it has been used in the last 20 years more than ever.

The theory can easily be used in books, movies, and Hollywood-style stories to create a sense of drama and overthinking for ourselves.

6) Multiverse is fiction, and Multiverse inside Multiverse is even more so

As I said before, even if we accept the existence of multiverses, it’s not something that has a reference point. It’s like the first time you are exposed to a concept such as “invisible pink unicorn”. You either laugh or accept it as a fact depending on your mindset.

But there is no simple way to prove that unicorns exist. Even if they did, there are infinite possibilities of what it looks like. So where do we draw a line? Is there an end? Where is the “dividing line”?

7) Multiverses are infinite, and there are infinite universes inside Multiverses

It’s like we’re going to a restaurant that has all the ingredients but no kitchen. In a multiverse, there will be infinite universes or universes that repeat in the same way. How do you expect an infinity of such matters to get into one place? What would happen if you tried to “coffee-break” an entire universe?

The multiverse is made to think that people are alone in the Universe/alone in their own universe. In addition to this, the imagination of multiple universes inside a multiverse is so outrageous and absurd that it’s almost impossible to take it seriously.

Even if the multiverse theory is accepted, the concept is completely contradictory and doesn’t answer any questions. This means that the concept of a multiverse within a multiverse inside a multiverse simply doesn’t make sense – except for people who are used to overthinking every detail in their lives and think that they are UNIQUE among all existence in the Universe.

But after all, it’s fiction – What’s the problem?

There is no problem with it unless people start thinking it’s real and start applying it as the philosophy of their lives.

The theory of Multiple Universes or Multiple dimensions has already resided in the thoughts of people. It has resided as indisputable truth. People have started thinking that their life is an illusion and that one day they would wake up inside a different dimension.

Instead of thinking about it, people should focus on their real lives and what they can do to make their real life better. They should focus on the things they can change, rather than thinking about things that are impossible to change or may not happen at all.

The Only Reality is Our Reality. There is NO Multiverse. There is only One Universe. And that’s enough for us to prove our POINT OF EXISTENCE!

  • July 18, 2022
Universe & Existence