Infinitely huge Universe Vs Circular Infinity

Whether the Universe is finite or infinite seems to be a never-ending question. It is only one of those inquiries that transcend our “bubbles of limitation.” Let’s however make an effort to push against and pop the bubble with our puny minds.

It is simple to dismiss the inquiry by asserting that the universe is limitless. We enjoy selecting simple solutions. However, there’s more.

In our lives, there are a lot of “bubbles of limitation.” To find something more difficult than it, we must think carefully.

We might have the tendency to ask the question like “why do we exist?”

But the question itself again imposes limits on us. By asking such stupid questions as “why do we exist?” and eventually by “comprehending” that we do not exist at all, we simply justify our limits.

What is ‘the infinity of the universe?

The Universe may be boundless, but perhaps not in the sense you now think of it. Perhaps it isn’t boundless in the sense that you can travel through it at the speed of light for billions of years and never reach the end.

It may be “circular infinity,” instead. This means that if you continue to progress through the Universe at the speed of light for billions of years, you will finally hit the starting point.

What’s the point of it, you might be thinking. Well, there isn’t really a point. There isn’t any purpose. Simply said, there is a method of thinking that is familiar to us.

Beyond these limitations, it’s difficult to understand why we exist. Being upset with the “why” question is one of the most important things we do.

A universe that is infinitesimally huge vs circular infinity

There is no beginning to an infinitely limitless cosmos. If you keep going forward in all directions forever, you will never get to the end of it. The cosmos has no bounds, although it might not be infinite in size.

We might very well be in a cyclical infinity. Technically speaking, time is infinitely cyclical where we are. What would occur if we continued to advance in the direction of the past?

You might assert that this is impossible. Indeed, it is. There are countless options. Another possibility exists, though, and it might be more likely. Please understand that our perceptions of the universe may not be accurate or true at all. This implies that there may be other potential realities out there that we are unable to observe or learn about.

Life has no purpose, right?

So, the pertinent query is, “Is there a purpose for the universe?” Yes, I answer, simply because it gives us a sense of security and comfort. We must find the purpose of our lives, much like when we live in a house. This is the reason why people are here.

You’ve missed the mark. The most crucial action you take is to reflect on and become frustrated by the “why” issue.

Is this all a loop?

What if every event in your life was merely a segment of an endless loop? What if none of it was “accidental” or “random?” And, what if everything you went through was pre-determined?

What if there were more to life than merely a series of complex questions like “Who am I? Why do we exist?” as well as a series of extremely elegant and simple projections? similar to an infinite Gordian knot, which is an Ancient Greek legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great.

Along with several meanings and variations, the symbol Gordian’s main representations are eternity, unity, creativity, and overcoming adversity.

The truth is both straightforward and intricate. It’s in a loop. When we should be attempting to comprehend what the loop implies, we are making a lot of effort to break out of it. The loop is the answer to all questions, yet there are so many missing links in this story.

Is life a loop like a universe?

Until we reach the end of infinity and restart it, we are caught in an endless cycle of loops. We go in a cyclic manner through all dimensions by doing this. In each iteration, we exhaust our lives and then relaunch the process in a different format.

We develop over time as we go through this cycle. We alter our thoughts, beliefs, bodies, minds, and everything else in our environment. In order to restart everything, we are both born and die. Every time we enter a new loop, we undergo a number of changes.

Among infinite possibilities that we as humans can think of, this is just one. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible in the universe of loops.

Understanding the circular infinity helps us better understand concepts that could be challenging to grasp when viewed in a linear fashion. Loops are challenging to comprehend when they are traversed in a linear fashion because they don’t truly have a beginning or an end. It does not follow that they don’t exist or that they don’t abide by the law.

The circular infinity is a loop. And our existence is a series of endless loops.

In our never-ending quest to understand it, we are like small pieces of the circle. We are unable to just exit this cycle. We can only move through dimensions, and each time we do, we alter our size and content.

Every time, we experience a brief birth, a period of life, and a subsequent rebirth as something new or improved. For example, we die as a chicken, and then we are reborn as a pig. There may be several iterations in between, but eventually, we are born again as pure human beings.

This is just one example of a circular infinity loop that might occur. When we passed through it, we may or may not have changed anything about ourselves or the universe around us. We don’t have time to ponder on it when it is happening. It’s an eternal cycle where our forms and content morph into different shapes each time we complete it.

We evolve through several life-breaths, as I call them. Every instant of our lives is a time of change for us. It’s like a never-ending cycle that has neither a beginning nor an end. It has no end! Yes! Yes, LIFE is truly infinite.

How to utilize the “infinity” to the most extent?

The “infinity” of the universe as well as that of life is more a blessing than a curse of nature for us. We are never truly trapped in one place. We can freely travel through the universe as well as through our lives. And, we are also not limited by anything but our own mind, which is a construct of nature and not an external factor that restricts our movement.

In order to utilize the infinite nature to its fullest potential, we need to break free from the bondage of thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from true movement through infinity. The life we are in has no end. It’s a circular infinite loop of endless life and endless possibilities. Your only limitation is the one that you have established for yourself, not the universe that is infinite at all.

We can be free to travel through these infinite possibilities of experiences as well as our bodies, minds, and other environmental factors that arise. We are able to access our true potential by utilizing the infinite opportunities available to us.

The value of an infinite universe can’t be measured unless we make it infinite for ourselves. There is so much more to this world than what’s presented on the surface level because there are no fixed borders in this endless loop of consciousness.

  • July 18, 2022
Universe & Existence