Is the Universe just an illusionary art?

The idea that the universe is an artifice, a construct used to make life seem more dramatic and purposeful, has been proposed by few.

Look at the Universe. Hundreds of billions of planets, stars, nebulas, and galaxies – all placed beautifully as if on a silver plate.

But are they really something? What if everything we see in the sky is just secondary? The Earth is the primary focus of attention and everything else is just secondary.

The Earth being the primary does not mean that everything else isn’t important. It’s always good to keep learning about the mysterious existence of ours. But are we actually traveling anywhere? Is it just a matter of perspective? Is there any purpose for being born on Earth?

Evolution was not random, it was planned. Everything was intended to be this way. Our minds are very strong and can make things seem more than what it is. We don’t know what exactly is going on yet, but as time passes by we will discover more about our existence and perhaps find out that everything we knew was wrong.

The Solar system is the focus

The Earth revolves around the Sun, the Moon rotates around the Earth, and everything else revolves around those two. The solar system we live in is primary and everything else is an illusionary art.

But to say that, science must be proven wrong.
  • Does an expanding universe mean that the universe is expanding away from the earth?
  • Are those really stars and planets that we have detected?

Now, let us go back to the basic question. Is the Universe just an illusionary art?

If you were not aware of the fact, you must know that all the so-called stars and exoplanets we have seen are just illustrations. We can not zoom in on those celestial bodies. It’s all based on assumptions.

How do we know that there is an exoplanet? When a planet passes in front of its star, it’s called a transit. A small portion of the star’s light is obstructed as the planet passes in front of it. This implies that when a planet moves in front of a star, the star will appear to be slightly less luminous. Taking this factor and a few others into the account, it is concluded to be a planet that’s orbiting that star.

The real stars and planets are not like what we see in our illustrations. They are just in the sky. They are just wonderful arts.

The Sun is equivalent to a light bulb. It never goes out, it just doesn’t have enough energy to emit more than light. The Earth and the stars are much alike – they simply don’t have enough energy to emit more than light.

It’s all about perspective. If you changed your perspective just a little bit, then you would see something different.

The universe is an illusionary art that we have to take in from our perspective on earth.

Is this world an illusion?

No. This world, the Earth, is definitely not an illusion. It’s a physical space, with physical things and people living in it. But that doesn’t mean everything is all parts together.

Our planet and everything living on it is made of smaller particles and atoms. These atoms live in different places; they’re everywhere. They’re in your house, car, and clothes – making up the “physical you” that you see and feel every day. If everything we see is an illusion, then what is the purpose of life?

Life has a purpose. We are here to observe and learn. Everything was planned accordingly to give us a purpose in existence. We have been here for a long time. Evolution is a science. The reality might be different.

Do the planets in our solar system have a purpose?

Maybe after all they are all Earth’s siblings. But as far as we can understand, they have no connection to the earth in any way.

If we say that a painting is an illusionary art, it doesn’t mean that a painting is not real. It just means that the painting we have right now is not the one that was originally intended to be zoomed in and explored.

And, all the planets in our solar system have no more meaning than a painting. They are from someone’s perspective.

What about the Universe?

The sky is just a painting and what we see is just illusionary art. Our Solar system has no more meaning than a painting, yet it is very important to us. And yet everything we see in outer space is just another illusionary artwork like the Sun, Moon, and other stars and planets. But, does the Universe have a meaning?

Yes! But the meaning of the universe is not what we are now forcefully trying to impose on it. The universe is not infinite as we repeatedly call it because as far as our knowledge will go, the Universe has an end. The Universe is not as dramatic and complex as science describes it to be.

Our Solar system is just a small part of the universe, the Earth itself is just part of our solar system, and what we see in space is just a small portion of the Earth’s sky. Our planet is not at the center of anything! We aren’t special in any way! No human being was born with an “extra-sensory perception” as described by many.

Everything we know about outer space is just false and illusional for all we could care about. It’s all finite and never can go beyond the boundary of our mental perspective.

We were born on Earth and we have to die here too – on this planet called Earth. But, how do we die? We go through the same cycle of life that everything else goes through.

We were born and will eventually die. Life has a purpose.

We are here to observe, learn, and evolve. Everything is temporary–it’s always changing and evolving (albeit ever so slowly). Life is full of different kinds of wonderful things that we know much about. We know the basics of BEING here, including the most productive event – birth, to the most destructive event – death. Data shows that 65 million people die each year in the world. That is 178,000 each day, 7425 each hour, and 120 each minute.

We also know the process of evolution fairly. Evolution is the most efficient way of survival. We can make predictions based on observations and results, and apply those to what we have observed in the past.

We are aware of our limited existence and are aware of the consequences that can follow when one breaks the rules. Moreover, we know what is going on around us and we’re allowing ourselves to be part of it – and there is a purpose for that.

It’s all parts together – forever evolving never-ending, we know this. We also know that it’s no way possible to physically experiment with things(Abstract Arts), assumed to be existing in distances of light years. A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. Light travels through interstellar space at 186,000 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second and 5.88 trillion miles (9.46 trillion kilometers) per year.

But, we entertain playing games in bare imagination – it’s human nature. We have to do something with what we are.

I mean just like the Universe cannot be explored physically, all those assumptions are just “abstract arts” that no one can visualize how the universe looks from a different perspective. We can change our perspective and zoom in on everything, but in the end, it’s simply an illusionary artwork.


Let’s wonder looking at the paintings of the Deep Field, Carina, interacting galaxies, and many more, that James Webb Telescope had recently captured. But holding on to it is not going to solve anything because they are hundreds, thousands, or even billions of light years away from us and we(even our solar system) will eventually die.

Illusion exactly seems like reality – they are twins(look at a mirror). We directly receive the sunlight with heat – so it’s real. What category of reality is the reflection of the rising sun in your pond? The same reality is that of the world other than what we are able to perceive.

It’s just like trying to objectify and extract Alexander the Great, mounted on Bucephalus, from the painting.

Living in art or living in reality – which one to prefer?

Art is transitory – like life – and it’s for amusement. Whereas, the reality was, is, and will remain a reality for ever. So, it’s better to look at the purpose of life. Is it for our amusement or does it have any other meaning? Nothing can be created twice. Everything is recycled; everything will eventually die, but we are made of the same atoms again and again and again.

I hope you understand. If you consider it necessary, you can comment below.

  • July 17, 2022
Universe & Existence