Moon’s Distance from Earth and you

Measuring the moon's distance from the Earth

On average, the Moon’s distance from Earth is 238,855 miles, or 384399.8611 kilometers, or 384399861.1 meters. Yes, the average distance, because the Moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular, and its reach from Earth varies. At its furthest point from Earth, the Moon is 252,700 miles (406681.2288 km) away. When the Moon is at its closest point to Earth, we say it is at “perigee.” A “super moon” is just a moon that’s full and at perigee. And at its closest point, the Moon is only 225,700 miles (225700 km) from Earth. The last supermoon occurred on July 13 this year (2022). If you’re wondering, June’s full moon was strawberry supermoon. When humans first went to the moon in 1969, they theoretically traveled 244390.882 Miles (393309 km) from the Earth. The moon has been moving 3.8 cm away from the Earth each year.

But how far is the natural satellite from you right now, today?

Couple looking at a close moon from earth

Moon Size/Distance Illusion

If you are from Mexico and just visited New Zealand, you may be like what moon am I seeing? Like what on Earth! It looks so big! Well, the latitude of New Zealand is 40.9006° S, 174.8860° E, and that of Mexico is 23.6345° N, 102.5528° W. The low-latitude countries are closer to the equator, and the high-latitude countries are closer to the poles. From the countries closer to the pole, your brain will see the Moon as closer to the horizon. And from the countries closer to the equator, your brain will see the Moon as closer to the zenith. Now, for your brain, the one that looks closer to the horizon is the Moon that is nearer! That is due to your brain’s perception of perspective. Brain neurons are responsible for your brain’s interpretation of perspective. Being more specific, your parietal lobe is in charge of this interpretation.

The actual size of the moon doesn’t vary based on where on Earth you are viewing it from. But if you are serious about moon watching, a telescope does help.

  • November 27, 2022
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