Were Ancient Civilizations advanced?

According to existing theories, the modern human race had begun about 200 thousand years ago. Scientists including Charles Darwin have claimed that we have evolved from monkeys. Some people have accepted the theory. Whereas, some still believe that the theory of human beings evolving from monkeys is false and misleading. Some others believe that no one but God himself was the creator of the human race. A few have a perspective that the ancient civilizations within the past few thousand years had become more advanced. Everyone has their own perspectives regarding our evolution. However, it is worthy to note what about the idea that ancient civilizations were more advanced than what it is now.

Glimpses in recorded history

While we take a look at the recorded history, we can find that something is really strange. and missing. The recorded history dates back to almost 5 thousand years. If we go through the history books, we can not see any huge difference between the Civilizations of 1500 AD and that of 500 BC. So, isn’t it quite weird that every major development that has happened, has happened in the last few hundred years? Or, is there anything hidden behind this all? In other words, what if the ancient civilizations were more advanced than the modern ones?

The Eastern religious scriptures, written in unknown ancient times, have described the extraordinary powers of human beings. There are descriptions of flying planes in the Ramayan, one of the greatest epics of Hindus.(About 7000 years ago). In it, Rawan, the antagonist of the epic, kidnaps Sita and flies back to his kingdom, Lanka. The story seems to be quite realistic, as it was not possible to come and go from Lanka to India at that time with any other means within a really short period of time. There was a wide and vast ocean between those two places. Also, the epic, mentions that Rawan possessed divine weapons. Doesn’t the story of Ramayan support the idea that the ancient civilization was better, more advanced and more divine than ours?

Ancient civilization might have more advanced technologies than this propeller.

Likewise, another Hindu scripture clearly describes supernatural powers of its different characters. Shri Krishna, Karna, Arjun, and Drona also possessed different divine powers in the Mahabharat Age. Sanjay had described each and every event of the Mahabharat War to Dhritarashtra, the eyeless emperor of that time. He had become able to see the events staying in the palace, with the help of the divine sight provided to him by the renowned saint Veda Vyasa. As per the Hindu epic, the fighters of that time had the ability to make rain, cause sunset at their will, and more. If we take a closer look at the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, we can find out that the ancient people of that civilization possessed more advanced weapons than ours. Yes, we are talking about something deadlier than nuclear weapons.

Astrology and Egypt’s Pyramids in advanced ancient civilization

Moreover, the astrological development in ancient civilizations is also much remarkable. They had made calendars describing the celestial events. If there was no instrument to view the sky, how could they trace the movements of the planets? How could they be able to calculate the solar and lunar eclipses so accurately? How was it possible to form months and days on the basis of the zodiac and planetary analysis. The answer to these questions seeks a high level of intelligence and much advanced civilization in ancient people. We can not imagine the act of sketching the constellations without advanced types of equipment.

How could ancient people sketch the map of sky without advanced technology in their civilization?

This topic is always under the shed but, a possibility always remains that the ancient civilizations were far more advanced than the moderns that we are witnessing today. Egypt’s Pyramids are good examples and they can be taken as examples millions of times. The secrets of the pyramids have always remained secrets, as scientists and researchers have not yet been able to uncover the mystery behind building the pyramids. Some people believe without any evidence that extraterrestrial beings had built the pyramids as their signposts. Further, some others consider the pyramids of Egypt to have come to existence through the god themselves. Some assume the highly intelligent people of earlier human civilization had built them.

When we do not know even about such simple mysteries, how can we believe that our ancestors were ‘dumb’ or their civilization was less advanced than ours? Keeping in mind that our progress in the past 200 years is immense, we comprehend that we have become the most advanced and intelligent beings ever existed on the earth. But, no! That may not be the truth. 

Ancient civilization

What about earlier than the recorded history?

Now, let’s talk about the time earlier than the recorded history. If the human civilization had begun a few hundred thousand years ago, this is an indisputable truth that the recorded history is not the only history. Or, at least! The recorded history is incomplete. Ever since the beginning of the modern human race, humans must have become advanced, doing a lot more progress in all those years of unknown, ancient civilization. Just have a look at the development in our technology and knowledge in the past 150 years. So, Just imagine, how much progress could there have taken place in the past one hundred thousand years?; since the beginning of the human race.

This all shows that some ancient civilizations might have been really advanced. They might have gained extraordinary knowledge and probably they had become more advanced than us. But that all got lost later on with time–no one could recover it later.

Cyclic evolution and extinction of civilizations

As other phenomena, civilizations are cyclic in general nature (characteristics). Although the ancient civilizations might have been far more advanced than us, they were not able to beat nature. After gaining a really high level of advancement in a civilization, some natural phenomena might have caused the extinction of life. After a few hundred or thousand years of complete destruction, evolution might have begun once again. This cycle must have already taken place several times in the past. And possibly, the cycle of extinction and evolution will take place time and again in the future, destroying each and everything, every progress we have made, every technology we have built. After that, there will begin the next Civilization.

Evolution, as a whole, is a really deep topic. The changes that took place in the ancient civilizations were completely different, which had resulted in a completely different form of advancement. Their evolution might have developed telepathy, rather than using a phone to communicate. So, we can not really claim that the development we have made is the best possible development. We have to remember what we call modern technology is mostly the result of evolution in technology in the last 2-3 hundred years. 

The evolution in this short period of time resulted in using ‘Artificial satellites’ in order to gain ‘Internet access’, so that we can ‘Communicate’ with everyone around the globe. But, the ancient civilizations might have had different, far more advanced, technologies, which might have been resulted due to a completely different way of evolution. In ancient times, possibly, ‘Something other than artificial satellite/Computers’ might have been in use to gain ‘something else’ rather than internet access in order to be able to connect with the people around the earth. Furthermore, their technologies might have been far better than ours. But unfortunately, cyclic evolution and extinction of civilization perhaps does not let the next civilization have experience of the previous one/s.

Are modern technologies pride-worthy?

Some of us believe that we are at the peak of the possibilities of modern technology. We believe that nothing could have been better. But, that’s not the truth. It’s possible that we are in traps of a certain way of evolution that has unknowingly taken place in our recorded history. To make it clear: Airplanes were invented in 1903. Our airplanes work with engines and need fuel to operate. We have now comprehended the fact that airplanes and any other vehicles need engines and fuel for coming into action. Though, if the way of evolution was just slightly different, the vehicle might not have needed fuel to run. 

“Vehicle needs fuel to operate”: this is just because of the certain way of evolution we have had. Every vehicle was made to run only with fuels. And till now, most of the vehicles operate with fuels. The same applies to the fact that we need cell phones to communicate, which work only aided by artificial satellites. The history might have been a lot different if one small incident had taken place some other way in the past. Vehicles operating with fuels and artificial satellites being required for internet access are just some minor examples of the evolution of technology. Maybe, king Rawan in the ancient eastern civilization, as mentioned in Ramayana, had an advanced airplane, which didn’t need any fuel to operate.


The main point behind this article is: if we are able to make such an enormous development in technology in the past 100-200 years, why does the same not apply to our ancestors? Why could the ancient people in some ancient civilizations not have developed advanced technologies? Why may the recorded history that we know be incomplete? We do not have each and every detail of the past 5000 years(The so-called recorded history), do we? Maybe, something really huge is missing from recorded history books. And, the recorded history is not the totality of existence, is it?

Human beings or at least some kind of life did exist on the earth, before the so-called recorded history. So possibly, ancient civilizations on the earth had got really advanced technologies. But, none of the civilizations had gained ability anywhere close to defeating nature. Some natural phenomena caused the extinction of life in those advanced ancient civilizations on the earth several times, and every time that happened, the next civilization would have begun from scratch. Sour but true, the same could happen in the future.

  • April 21, 2021
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