Tour in time dimension: Are we assuming time travel correctly?

Time travel or tour in the so-called time dimension is a hypothetical assumption of traveling through different points of time. We talk about the possibility of working out tours in time dimension but we, or at least some of us are not sure about the existence of time itself. Time might exist, but maybe not the way we think. When it comes to time travel, tons of assumptions have been made about this topic by different philosophers, scientists and experts but all of those theories might be wrong or incomplete.

Fundamental assumptions about time travel

Time travel or tour in time dimension is impossible.

Even if time does exist, it’s difficult to say how time works. When we make assumptions about traveling to the past, we have to understand what you call past, might not exist at all. Yes, past might not exist at all. The truth might be that only point of time that exists, is the present. And, what has passed, can not be changed or interacted with, under any circumstances. So, even if it is going to be possible, in the future that we could conduct mission-tours in any dimension of time, we will never be able to travel there physically. Our body can not go to the past and change the history.

We have to always remember that no participant of a project of the time-domension’s-tour(time traveller) has yet arrived from any future. Traveling to different points of time physically, let it be on the past, or the future is not possible at any cost, and this is the part of reality. Yes, it’s just like the other realities such as when you throw apple in the sky, it will fall on your head. We have comprehended that reality, and we have to comprehend the reality, that neither the past exists, nor the future. In the simplest of words, what exists is only what is happening, not what has happened or what is going to happen. There assumed tours in time dimensions are never likely to take place.

Is time dimension approachable?

Time: As mentioned by Albert Einstein, time is the 4th dimension, but unlike the other threes where we can make tours from this to that. What we call ‘time’ can not be felt or it is not approachable in the past or in the future; it feels just indistinctively in the present. In such, past remains only in the mind as a memory. That is nothing other than a pure mental record which has nothing more to do with the ‘past’ events. It means we mistakenly assume our mental activity to become the past or the future time. No other times than the present, therefore, exist at all. Then, that, which does not exist, can neither be approachable nor probable to enable us to make any time travel.

It would be much interesting to everyone if they get to go on a tour on the past dimension of time to our remote ancestors’ village and dance with them. But, an appropriate question may be raised: Doesn’t the past in which we were born and grown up, our ancestors had created history in social, political, religious, scientific and philosophical fields, have any significance at all? Is the ‘tomorrow’, when our grand-grandchildren will be experimenting with some material taken out of a supermassive black hole just an illusion? The answer to these questions is ‘Yes’. The reason of this hypothetical concept is that the past ‘time’ has already been a void having no activity, no space, no existence and no shape at all. The future ‘time’, on the other hand, has not got any activity, space, existence and shape, yet. But, the undeniable fact is that the present ‘time’ consists of those all elements like activity, space, existence and shape proportional to the space-matter-velocity coordination, and very peacefully, obviously to us all, passing through a narrow passage of ‘Now’. When only the ‘present’ exists, isn’t it a mistake to imagine and foster assumptions of doing time travel, leaving the present for a tour in those unapproachable ‘psst’ and ‘future’ dimensions’?


In the clear background of unreal ‘past’ and ‘future’, it is like a waste of time of assuming any tour in time dimension possible. Indeed, it is not so simple to be able not to feel or forget the past, and not to expect the unavoidable future falling over us every fraction of a second, the time phenomenon needs to┬ábe perceived without keeping in mind the self-existence. In other words, analyzing time being detached from each and every kind of attachment to it, is the only way to view it as a whole. Therefore, when the concept of time and the existence of its dimensions themselves are ambiguous, the human interest of carrying out the task of time travel or tour in ‘times’ is non-worthy.

  • April 18, 2021
Universe & Existence