Can we control time?

Time: The word ‘time’ has different meanings for different people. For some, time is just something which is measured using a clock. For some, time is a deep philosopical and scientific topic. Some believe that time is just an illusion that we can’t control time. Everyone has got their own perspectives regarding the definition and existence of time. However, people generally say that the ‘time’ phenomenon is still unknown to us and nobody can control it.

Time as an unknown phenomenon

Out of all the questions about ‘time’ phenomenon, the question about its existence seems to be the most complicated one. Great scientist Albert Einstein stated that time is not constant. It is relative to the observer and might vary from observer to observer depending on their speed. Although we can’t control it, time phenomenon does exist, however, we might not be able to precisely understand how it works.

Time is an unknown phenomenon, to which nobody can control.

All of us have experienced that time seems to be passing slow when we are doing something we don’t like (Example: Waiting For Files To Download) and just the opposite, if you are doing something funny, like writing an article. Advanced theories have claimed that time phenomenon might not be only affected by the speed, but it could be controlled, upto an extent, by ourselves. Time proceeds a lot faster for people with daily rituals, than the people who intend to do something new, something more every following day. After 10 years, both of them would see the same calender date, which would be 16th April, 2031. But, in reality, the one who tried to do something new each day has lived a lot more in these 10 years, than the routine guy.

Are you following the same daily routine for months or years? If so, you surely might have noticed that for you, time has been moving in lightning speed. Or, you might have noticed that your daily practices have now become a part of your life, and you start to enjoy them. But, you have no idea that time is passing really fast for you, and you are unable to have control over the unknown phenomenon.

Time and lifespan of human beings

One calender year means 31536000 seconds. Currently, the average lifespan of a human being is about 80 years. So, the human being who has lived for 80 years has lived 2522880000 seconds in his life. But, no! That’s not the complete truth. Some of the 80 year olds have lived way longer than the others. Remember: we are not talking who have lived ‘better life’. We are just talking about ‘time’ which we can’t control at all.

We assume how much a human being has lived, based on the calendar years. Although all facets of ‘time’ are unknown to us, we keep Calender/Clock, which are good ways to tell us about time–but not to control it. But possibly, they are not the complete ways. The reality is that you yourself have got control on how fast or slow you want to move time. You yourself have got the ability to choose, how much you want to live, within the next week, day, month, year, or decades. It’s completely up to you, if you want to live 2 years or 200 years within the next 60 years.

To utilize it is to control time

As already mentioned above, intending to do something new and unique everyday makes time move slower for you than the people who stick with their copy-paste routine. But, the fact is that most people don’t even realize the sense of time. They work on week days hoping for the ‘next weekend’ to come really soon. While enjoying with other aspects of life, they have no idea at all that time is escaping gently and unknowingly away from their grip. All they know is that after week days, comes the weekend. And, weekends keep coming. They keep enjoying, without realising that the uncontrollable ‘time’ is moving in lightning speed for them.

One thing is crystal-clear. Even if time is still a little known fact, you surely have control on your time, and it’s you who decide how many years to live, within the next year.

  • April 17, 2021
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