The Future World: Parallel Universes Everywhere

We live on Earth. But imagine a future where our computers host universes on their own. If you have numerous parallel universes within our computers, in your consciousness, and almost everywhere, which of the universes you will choose to live in, and what will your future world look like?

This is one of the top – as well as tough because we are still to go through a dark, long tunnel of struggle to seek its answer – questions that everybody may have in their minds.

But here, we will discuss the possibilities of the Future world where Parallel Universes are hosted inside computers + possible “side-effects” of such possibilities.

The concept of Parallel Universes has gotten a lot of light in the past few years. From Marvel’s Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness to the movie “Everything Everywhere all at once”.

All these movies illustrate the theories of us living inside parallel Universes. But we are going to take it a step further; we will discuss what if we could create parallel universes on our own.

But before we get into all that, let us talk about parallel universes.

What is a Parallel Universe?

A parallel Universe is a hypothetical universe that exists alongside our own. Parallel Universes exist in other dimensions and universes. Other dimensions here refer to all the possible dimensions other than these three and a half that human perception reveals the three dimensions of space – and a half being the Time dimension.

The math of string theory requires more dimensions of space than the three-and-a-half that you and I know about. That math seems to require seven additional dimensions of space, for a total of 10 dimensions.

The universes in these different dimensions, however, can not intersect with our own as “the laws of Physics” do not allow it.

As you might know, there are different types of parallel Universes. The most notable is the Multiverse which is an infinite Universe containing an infinite amount of parallel Universes. It means we do not only live in a Multiverse, there are also infinite versions of ourselves.

String theory adds to this Multiverse theory that from each moment, there are infinite possibilities to choose from – and there are infinite versions of yourself and even your unborn self somewhere else.

Like quantum physics, string theory also suggests the possibility of other universes. But the basic idea of the String theory is that the most basic element of a matter is a little vibrating filament, rather than a dot. Whereas, quantum physics or quantum mechanics studies the behavior of tiny, subatomic particles.

The exact move from the old idea of a dot to a new idea of a filament allows us to meld the laws of the large described by the theory of general relativity with the laws of the small or quantum mechanics.

Through the narrow tubes of these theories, we have already seen the possibilities of the future world with parallel Universes everywhere. But what if this concept is taken to a whole new level? Let us take a look at these 5 possibilities:

1) A computer algorithm that hosts Universes

We can’t say for sure whether or not we are living in a simulation. But who says we can’t create one? Although we will not be able to live inside that algorithm, of course, it would be interesting to watch those creatures wondering about their life and existence, just like we do.

We could use an algorithm as a way to explore different places and visualize them using the computer – so that you can see how it really appears.

Also, this algorithm could create its own Universe where the laws of Physics are different from our own. Different physical laws mean a different physical world. In the world, laws of gravity, of matter-energy coordination, and even life are vastly different from ours.

In the computer-algorithm-hosted-universes, everything could be a lot easier. For example, the algorithms could have no gravity, just like the computer, you and I, and the whole universe would be like floating in the air.

2) A mini-world/device with “biological” living creatures

Creating living creatures and environments has been an obsession for scientists for decades. Despite these huge advancements in history, there are still a lot of things that could be improved when it comes to artificial intelligence.

At the moment, we can’t really create organic, natural-looking creatures on our own. Creating life is not just about building something, it is about giving them a functioning mind and body.

However, with the development of robotics and artificial intelligence; soon enough we will be able to create a realistic-looking human being, for whom there would be the entire world to play.

As an example of the potential of robotics technology and artificial intelligence, we can take a global 2021 study by McKinsey. The study found that 56% of businesses reported using AI in at least one function, by which companies such as retailers had enjoyed 1%-2% sales jumps.

Possibly soon we could dive into living in these mini worlds where humans can live – so that they do not need to go outside or travel somewhere else.

But, the mini universes won’t really be small because they will be very much extensive. They can have different kinds of land, plants, and minerals. They can have different kinds of physics as well such as gravity and electromagnetic forces.

The possibilities are endless here; we could create a universe where everything is made up of gold or slime. We could create a universe where everything is made up of water or with no oxygen in it, where humans cannot breathe in the air but still enjoy their life there! The world is yours!

3) The Future World with Parallel Universes inside Virtual Reality

Well, this is the most interesting one. Virtual reality could host parallel universes. Now, if this thinking reaches reality and we are able to create a “real” parallel Universe; it will be different from all the other ones.

We may actually be able to travel into these fictional worlds and exist there; as if they were part of our own universe. In some ways, this will just be like living in a “Virtual Reality world”. We could take control of these worlds or have them controlled by our devices.

In order for us to create a parallel Universe in a virtual world; it needs to be in a 3D space so that we can visualize the actual size of the parallel Universe.

We may not be able to create our own infinite copies of ourselves but we will still be able to create things like parallel Universes in our own worlds. The possibilities are endless…just think about it!

We could envision an artificial island where people live – free of all the laws of Physics. The possibilities are endless; they could go to a parallel Universe while still living on Earth in their own world.

This seems a tough project, but it could be possible in the future. To create a parallel Universe, we would have to make an infinite number of choices and the quantum computer is still not at its best yet. But the day is near, we are getting closer.

4) Parallel Universes inside a “Cybernetic” person

A parallel Universe could be created inside a cybernetic person. A lot of people already have implants that contain nano-devices that interact with the nervous system. It means that everything can be implanted in you.

These nano-devices have been around for decades – and are used to control some types of diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease.

It means that you could live a life of a healthy person inside your own Parallel Universe. Thanks to the nano-devices, people could live in the same world as others but in their own version.

These nano-devices are also used to control pain and encourage some body functions. This is just one example of how we can create a parallel Universe inside of us.

In the Parallel Universe inside a “Cybernetic” person, we could live a life of an athlete or even a soldier or a doctor. It is just like being in the real world but with different rules and laws.

5) Parallel Universes of Consciousness in the Future World

This is the most interesting, crazy, and probably the most uncommon one. This is when parallel universes are created inside of us in. The reason that people think about this possibility is that consciousness is infinite.

This means that we can go back in time and have infinite consciousness of future events. But again, our consciousness cannot be “traveled” like what many people believe in these times because the laws of Physics do not allow it.

But with the development of artificial intelligence and Quantum Mechanics, there are more possibilities in the future world to create our own Parallel Universes inside of us – or have them exist inside an implanted device. It is all possible.

One way of creating such a parallel universe of consciousness could be through an artificial intelligence device. For example with the help of Artificial Intelligence; we could create a virtual reality world inside of us that we could live in – just like in a “Virtual Reality World”.

In this world, we would have our consciousness as well. We could then experience infinite consciousness just like the real world but with different laws and physics.

The virtual reality world inside of us might be hard – not impossible – to create because it may be hard for us to visualize even the size of it. We may not know where should be placed the sun, where should be placed a planet, or even which laws and physics should apply there.

Is there any role of quantum physics in this?

Quantum Mechanics tells us that we could create an infinite number of Parallel Universes. However, these cannot intersect with each other.

This is just a theory and for now, we do not have enough proof to confirm this. However, scientists do agree that this is very possible in the future.

Now, what if these parallel Universes existed inside of us in reality? This would mean that we would be able to live in multiple dimensions at the same time; without even knowing it!

We could be existing in all the previous Parallel Universes at the same time and we would not notice it.

We could be conscious of all these Universes, at the same time, and have a different perspective of the Universe.

Could humans live in multiple dimensions at once?

There is something called “Braneworld Theory” which states that both 3D and 4D universes could exist – but not collide with each other. This means that for example, we might not see a parallel version of ourselves or even feel them but they would still be there!

So, what would happen if we could see our parallel versions? This could cause us to have infinite consciousness and even go back in time. It’s complicated but this is what Quantum Mechanics tells us. Quantum Mechanics and String theory are our basics when it comes to Parallel Universes.

In the world, there are plenty of time machines, parallel universes, and consciousness creation. You could be one of these people, eager to live in one of the parallel universes.

But, wait a while. It’s just 2022. Yes, it’s 2022. But with everyone’s obsession with technology and virtual reality, the piece of the story above may seem like a common thing to do.

Will we be able to create our own parallel Universes?

At this moment, maybe not. However, ideas or hypotheses of parallel universes, multiverses, and concepts like nothingness and darkness are always fascinating and very interesting. Who says it wouldn’t be great if someone could build an algorithm that creates a new world for us to live in, just like in video games? My point is “let’s keep on trying -but in reality”, right?

And in reality, there are still some things that need to be improved and developed so that we could probably be able to create this infinite world with infinite possibilities of creating parallel Universes.  It is tempting and a lot of people believe in it as our consciousness seems capable at least to think like this!  We may never know unless we are able to prove it!

We have talked enough about the future. Now, it’s time to explore the past – Compare the telescopes below and get the one best suited for you.

  • July 23, 2022
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