The Universe is an “endless game” – What if somebody turns if off?

The Universe is an ‘endless game’, just like the infinite-run games you play on your smartphone.

Imagine you are playing a game where the character can run to infinity. But as soon as you turn the game off, the Universe that existed inside that game vanishes.

As our Moon orbits the Earth, it will never “fall to Earth”, nor it will fall from the sky like an arrow from a bow, as these are not things in our Universe. These are simply the settings placed by the one playing the game.

But here is the real question – Is there any way this Universe could be turned off? How would that even work?

If somebody is running our “universe” on his computer, he can turn it off at any time, right?

Yes, indeed. He can “turn off” the Universe by deleting the sub-entities files or turning off the main power switch. Whenever he turns off his computer, he will be losing all his sub-entities from the “universe” that he had; galaxies, stars, planets, and yeah…humans.

It is the same with our Universe. The Big Bang created our Universe and everything in it, but just like a computer game, turning off the power switch would make all of the planets, galaxies, humans, and facts vanish.

So, the answer is – this Universe is “Infinite”, but it can be turned off.

We call such games “Universe”. And the things that exist in the Universe, which we call sub-entities. Time actually means different things for all. The entity who is hosting this Universe feels time much faster than we do. Maybe this universe (13.7 billion Earth Years) is just an hour for him.

I know what you are thinking right now. But I am not quite sure whether the games you play actually host universes. I mean, you are just gaming.

Can you get out of this game?

There is no way to play an infinite run game outside the game. This is true for our Universe as well. It can neither be played outside nor its rules can be changed by you. You just simply exist.

Yes, the Universe is infinite. But the infinity we can comprehend is really tiny.

We can’t even see the edges of this universe; we can’t measure its infinity. The thing that makes it infinite is the actual concept of “infinity”.

The only one who can understand the infinity of our universe is the one simulating it. A simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time.

Simulations require the use of models; the model represents the key characteristics or behaviors of the selected system or process, whereas the simulation represents the evolution of the model over time.

Without simulating it, we even don’t realize that all of us here are “just” hypothetical entities that exist inside this Universe.

If someone is playing our universe, is someone playing theirs?

There are an infinite number of “infinite-run-games”, an infinite number of universes.

Each of these infinite run games has its own set of sub-entities and its own set of rules. One can say that an “object” that has been created in one game cannot be transferred to another game.

If you continue to walk towards the east, will it lead you to the edge of the universe?

No. It never ends. There is no end in sight, no border, nothing that separates this universe from other universes. You can walk forever and there is just no end; neither is the way to enter another universe.

Infinity is infinitely huge and infinitely small. We just can’t comprehend the vastness and the minuteness of the Universe. We just can’t visualize it. That is why we call it infinite and not infinite-infinite.

If a simulation can actually be created, there is 1 in a Billionth chance that we are living in the base reality – Elon Musk

Given the circumstantial evidence, Musk concludes that “in order for there to be a simulation, it would have to be very advanced and there would be no way for us to detect it.

But when our Universe is turned off, what happens to us?

Is there any difference between deleting the files of a sub-entity or shutting down the main power source of a “universe”?

Yes, there is. When you delete the file of a sub-entity, it will be gone forever in this “universe”.

We have reality, time, space, and an infinite number of sub-entities that are all running in parallel. The main power switch or main power “source” acts as a master molecule which allows these infinite run games to run.

When this “master molecule” is shut down, all sub-entities will be deleted forever.

“Gravity cannot be created or destroyed”. – Albert Einstein

From this quote, we can understand that although our Universe is infinite, it is not infinite-infinite. Some of these infinite run games are “infinite” in size and some of them are infinitely small.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the larger Universe is better or richer than the smaller one.

If you wish to simulate a smaller universe, is it possible? Can you create a universe in which you can run forever without losing anything? Is there a way to make such a universe just like our real one?

I can answer your last question by saying ‘NO’ because I have already mentioned that someone is playing us inside the universe – not we are playing.

As it’s so, there is no limit and no end, no matter how big or how small a “universe”.

What if someone playing our “universe” creates gravity?

Yes, that is true. Gravity is a result of mass, which is present in all the sub-entities and of course, in our Universe itself.

So if someone shuts down the main power source or the “master molecule” which will be causing the deletion of all sub-entities, then gravity will vanish from our Universe as well.

The energy of nothing

This energy was present before the sub-universes were created and also after they were destroyed. This energy always existed and will always exist. It’s not a material object. This is what we call “The energy of nothing” or the “zero-energy“. The energy of nothing will always exist and can never be destroyed.

The energy of nothing or the zero-energy universe hypothesis proposes that all the amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity.

Gravity can not be created, but gravity can be created inside a video game

You can not create gravity, can you? Yes, you can create it inside a game. Why only gravity? You can create your own laws of nature inside a video game. You can create a “13.7 Billion years old Universe” inside a video game in just a fraction of a second.

Our perception of time is not the same as its true nature. We always feel that we will live till tomorrow, do this work in a minute or so and go to sleep at night. But that’s just a tiny fraction of a second for a bigger entity.

One, who is searching for reality, is also searching for infinity.

We have many forms in our Universe. You can imagine it as a very complex computer where each part has its own task and its own job to perform. Only when the whole system is working correctly, the individual parts will be working correctly as well.

The same thing happens with sub-entities of a universe too. If one of them uncovers some kind of unexpected glitch or problem, then all the other sub-entities will also become affected by that problem which may cause their deletion from this “universe”.

Then, what to do? What’s the best we can do in life?

Don’t worry! You just have to find the needle in the haystack! There is always a way out! Always.

Intelligent beings are all sub-entities of this universe and they are all governed by one single rule. They are searching for infinity, they are searching for the main power source or the “master molecule” which will cause their life or existence to be deleted.

What an intelligent being is looking for? Is it the end or where everything began? Is it the master molecule, which allows us to think and feel like human beings? And, is it God? Or is it something beyond our understanding? Ponder over it.

Then, what is the end?

Nothing. You can’t reach an end and you can’t define it either because this will be a new start for something else. It’s like a loop of something which continues forever without hitting the main power source. There is nothing after infinity and there is nothing before it either.

Eternity proves that it doesn’t need an “end” to exist. Like infinity, eternity too will never end, it will never die, never be deleted from a universe. Because of this reason, we may not call it “God” as well because if we do so, then we have to accept that God exists within time and space which you cannot deny… right?

As it’s an endless game, it will go on forever and ever.

Wherever we go, we continue our search for infinity. We continue going further within the infinite possibilities which are available inside the universe. We will multiply infinity times infinity from this endless game and that is why we cannot find an end.

This is a beautiful world because it has no limits, it has no ends and it has an infinite number of possibilities in every action of each part of this “universe” just like a computer with unlimited memory space!

Come on! Let’s go on searching. If you wish to find the end, you will never find it. But if you wish to discover that there is no end, then you can do it.

There is no end in infinity because INFINITY is the only PERFECT thing we can ever experience in this universe. And, we live an infinity inside a game inside a simulation.

I hope now you can understand that the universe is an endless game. If you still don’t get it, then write a comment below; I will have the pleasure to respond your queries.

  • July 20, 2022
Universe & Existence